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Checklist for Finding Best PG accommodation

Migrating to the big city for job opportunities, educational facilities, or for receiving better living conditions isn’t easy. A PG accommodation in such a case is a simple and easy choice to go ahead with. However, with an increase in demand for PG accommodation, not just the quality and availability but also the rental rates have become one underlying issue for all. PG spaces are becoming a safe haven for the bachelors looking for affordable homes with flexible rental agreements. So, it is important to compare the PG accommodations no matter how tough it is. Researching the data, doing due diligence, well, one must never fail to do all before finalizing a PG of their choice. Based upon the importance of the task, the below-mentioned checklist will provide an idea of how to find the best PG accommodation.


Checklist for LIVINN into Shared Houses 

For anyone who opted for the PG accommodation, concerns are quite normal, and if there are any, it is always beneficial to inform the owner before shifting to a new lifestyle. One can also inquire about the below-mentioned, and know if the accommodation space is what one expects.



Availability of Food

This should be first in the checklist for finding the best PG accommodation. This is because the professionals/students, to ensure a hassle-free living, opt for food provided by the PG. It is, therefore, important one knows what’s served in the place they choose to stay. One can even choose a PG that serves only vegetarian food. 

Just remember before you settle in, it is important to understand not just about the type of food but also the timing of it. In case you have an early class or an office to attend, talk and see if there is an option for letting go off the meals and receive some concession in exchange for it.

Rules and Regulations

The curfew time is one common, especially in the PG that is meant for accommodating the girls. Sometimes, if a person is willing to stay late outside, they have to provide a proper formal email to the PG administration explaining the reason. 

Not all PGs are liberal with the timing, and one must never fail to have an open discussion about it before finalizing the choice to stay in.

Housekeeping Schedule

Make sure to know if there are daily housekeeping services and if not insist on the same. There are many PGs out there keen on providing such a service. So why compromise?


Amenities Provided

Some of the basic amenities like water and electricity supply, internet connectivity, maid services, etc., are to be provided from the PG owner's end, and these charges are generally included within the rent. Clarify about it all, and in case there will be some additional cost make sure to know what one is expected to bear.

Washroom Services

No matter one has opted for a twin sharing room or a single one, in many PGs, everyone shares the washrooms. If this makes one uncomfortable, just make sure to know the arrangements before the payment is made to the owner. Do not settle for less.

Apart from above all, knowing all of the other house rules (visitors’ policy, no drinking and smoking, TV timings, etc.) is very important. One must also carefully sign the Paying Guest agreement, and before making any security deposit know all the terms and conditions.

Book LIVINN as your Complete Checklist Provider

Remember shifting to a new City sometimes can be very difficult if the accommodation is not proper and at LIVINN, we not just understand it but also assure not to receive a complaint about what we serve. No compromises and affordable living should always remain one's choice, and this is what our professionals assure. From taking care of the regular housekeeping to providing food facilities right, we care for what every single